2020 is Tilemaster Adhesives’ 30th Anniversary and the company is celebrating this with investment in its premises in Leyland, Lancashire, creating new offices, extending the R&D facility, revamping 2 of the existing production lines and installing a new automated line. 

In addition, the company operates a policy of continuous recruitment and development of talented people, ensuring that Tilemaster Adhesives will continue to thrive and reaffirming its commitment to delivering the best possible service to its customers and to being at the forefront of innovation for the foreseeable future.

Family values and customer care continue to be at the heart of everything that Tilemaster Adhesives does.  Its excellent product range and impeccable customer service are much loved by tilers and contractors across the UK.  Today, Tilemaster Adhesives has a comprehensive range of adhesives for flooring and tiling, grouts, floor smoothing and levelling compounds and ancillary items for all types of substrates and materials, developed to be user-friendly and a pleasure to work with. 

Tilemaster’s technical support team draw on their hands-on experience and product expertise to offer advice on challenging installations, and can create technical specifications if required. Further support is offered through site visits, where advice is given on particular problems or challenges faced. On the road, Tilemaster Adhesives is also regularly involved with trade days, where products are demonstrated and customers have the opportunity to see first-hand how the formulations work and to seek advice from the knowledgeable team.



Tilemaster Adhesives Ltd offers training courses in its 2600ft2 campus which has a dedicated classroom for up to 40 people and larger areas which can be adapted to suit practical demonstrations and hands on training on applications on a large or small scale. 

The campus also has the capacity to build true to life sets to simulate every situation from wetrooms to swimming pools for ceramic tiles, commercial and domestic walls and floors for wood, resin and vinyl flooring.

There is one programmed training day per month from February to November, and the opportunity for clients to request bespoke training on particular needs such as specific systems.

Contact your local Tilemaster representative to enquire about the training courses or for any specific training needs.

Please contact the Tilemaster office for product and technical support:

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Email: info@tilemasteradhesives.co.uk

Tilemaster Tiling and Flooring Adhesives

A full range of adhesives for tiles and resilient flooring from Tilemaster

Tilemaster Adhesives offers a full range of professional adhesives for tiling with ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles, and Tilemaster Eco-3000, a universal high-temperature flooring adhesive for installing LVT, PVC, vinyl and rubber flooring, carpet, textiles and uncoupling membranes onto a wide variety of substrates. Eco-3000 has excellent adhesion properties with a high bond strength and is rated EMICODE EC1 Plus. Flooring can be installed after as little as 10 minutes, when the adhesive is semi-tacked off and has reached its ‘anti-slide’ state. Full tacking off takes 40 minutes and the floor is ready for light foot traffic after 12 hours.
The tiling range includes a large variety of adhesives suitable for all substrates, tiling materials and site conditions. The company also offers a selection of rapid setting products, but here we take a closer look at adhesives for sites where speed is not the over-riding priority. Where a flexible adhesive is required, Tilemaster Adhesives has a choice of standard and semi-rapid setting products in the Setaflex range, a polymer modified, flexible cement-based wall and floor tile adhesive. Both Setaflex Standard Set and Semi-Rapid Setaflex have been specially developed to give an extended pot life, making them ideal for working with larger, difficult to manoeuvre tiles. They can be used both internally and externally on almost all substrates, including timber, and are excellent for use in areas exposed to prolonged wet conditions. Tilemaster Standard Setaflex has a pot life of 3 – 4 hours and can be grouted after 24 hours. The Semi-Rapid version offers a great compromise between extended workability, with a pot life of 90 – 120 minutes, and a fast setting time, as it will accept light foot traffic and grouting after 6 hours.
Where no flexibility from the product is required, Tilemaster Standard Set Extrabond has been specially formulated with increased adhesion and non-slip properties. It has the same 3 – 4 hour pot life as Standard Setaflex and is suitable for fixing a wide variety of tiles to solid substrates.
The Tilemaster Magix range, available in both standard set (Magix-S) and rapid set (Magix-R) versions, is perfect for use with large tiles or natural stone, as these light-weight adhesives put less strain onto the substrate and have exceptional wetting out properties ensuring full coverage.
After fixing, tiles should be grouted with Tilemaster Grout 3000, a flexible, fast setting wall and floor grout which can be used for joints between 1mm and 20mm.
Contact Tilemaster Adhesives for more information and technical advice on the best products for your particular project.
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 Tilemaster surface preparation products

Go with the Flow for A Perfectly Prepared Surface

Tilemaster Adhesives’ Professional Flooring Products range consists of a variety of products designed to make it easy for flooring contractors and tilers to prepare surfaces for flooring installations.  There are single component and double component smoothing compounds for all types of substrate, flooring material and time frame.  All of these products are manufactured and stocked in Leyland, Lancashire.

Tilemaster Pro Flow is a rapid setting, high performance double component smoothing and levelling compound.  It has excellent flow and adhesion properties making it suitable for a wide range of both domestic and commercial applications on most substrates.  It is also ideal for use with both electrical and water-based underfloor heating systems.  It can be applied from depths of 2mm – 12mm in one application and is ready to receive decorative floor coverings after 4 hours, and ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles after 3 hours.  The compound is also moisture-tolerant and can be used to pre-smooth floors before installing an epoxy based DPM, such as Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPMTilemaster Trade Flow is another double component smoothing compound that offers excellent flow and levelling properties and can receive decorative coverings after 12 hours and ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles after 4 hours.

Tilemaster FineFlow 3000 is a water-based, single component smoothing compound that can be applied from feather-edge to 20mm in a single application; it can receive floorcoverings such as decorative vinyl, safety flooring and other impervious floor finishes after 24 hours and ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles after 3 hours.  It can also be left uncovered and used as a wearing surface.

Other single component smoothing compounds include Tilemaster LevelFlex and AnhyLevel.  LevelFlex a fibre-reinforced self-levelling and smoothing compound, which can be poured from 2mm - 50mm in one application.  It can be ready to receive impervious floor finishes after 24 hours and ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles after 3 hours.  AnhyLevel is a calcium sulphate based self-levelling and smoothing compound that is 100% compatible with calcium sulphate (anhydrite/hemihydrate/gypsum) based screeds and can be applied in thicknesses of up to 20mm in one pour.

Where time is limited, the range also includes ultra-rapid setting products, such as Tilemaster Rapid Level 30 - a single component smoothing product - and Tilemaster Super Flow 30, the double component version.  Both products can be applied from 2mm – 15mm and can accept light foot traffic after 30 minutes.  They can have floor coverings, such as LVT and other resilient materials, installed after 90 minutes and be tiled after just 45 minutes.

More information and technical advice on Tilemaster Adhesives’ comprehensive range of flooring products, including leveling and smoothing compounds, DPM, primers, adhesives and sealants, is available on the website or by contacting the dedicated flooring sales team. 

Tilemaster Adhesives

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A New Reception or Function Room Floor in a Day

Tilemaster Adhesives has the answer for those projects where time really is of the essence.  The company’s fast track system allows installers to pre-smooth the floor, install a damp proof membrane and a smoothing compound, then fit the floor all in one day.  Traditionally this has been at least a two day project.  We set out the timetable below.

Start the day by pre-smoothing the floor with Tilemaster Super Flow 30.  This is an ultra-rapid setting self-levelling flooring compound that can be used without priming on most substrates.  It can therefore be used directly on top of most existing substrates to pre-smooth the surface, where required, prior to applying a DPM.

As little as 90 minutes later, Tilemaster FAST One Coat DPM can be applied – as its name implies, this damp proof membrane only needs one coat and cures in 4 - 5 hours, providing protection from damp cementitious screeds with up to 98% relative humidity.

Once the DPM has cured, a final layer of Tilemaster Super Flow 30 should be applied to ensure that the surface is perfectly flat and smooth and ready to receive the floor covering, and allow to dry for 90 minutes.

Once dry, begin fitting the final floor covering, using Tilemaster Eco-3000, a universal high temperature flooring adhesive which is suitable for installing PVC, LVT, carpet, textile and sheet vinyl.  It has a fast tacking off time allowing the floor coverings to be applied in as little as 10 minutes, when the adhesive is semi-tacked off and has reached its ‘anti-slide’ state.  Full tacking off takes 40 minutes and the floor is ready for light foot traffic after 12 hours, allowing entry to the room on the following morning.

Contact Tilemaster Adhesives for more information about the Tilemaster range of professional flooring products and for advice on your particular project.

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Tilemaster Adhesives' range of professional flooring products includes adhesive, surface preparation, smoothing and levelling compounds, as well as a full collection of tiling products, manufactured to the highest standards at its plant in Leyland, Lancashire. 

Tilemaster’s one-to-one service includes product formulation, packaging, point-of-sale promotion, product demonstrations and technical support. All products are manufactured through the CE process, to the specified EU standard industry requirements. They are distributed throughout the UK, within 24/48 hours, to your premises or directly onto your contract site.

For more information, please contact Tilemaster Adhesives on:

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