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Sika has extensive experience in providing quality, seamless flooring and coating solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications and markets.

Each of these markets have specific requirements in terms of traffic and mechanical wear, chemical resistance, temperature, slip resistance, impact resistance, permeability to liquids, fire resistance, rapid curing, etc.

Our global industrial flooring expertise is directly linked to our high-performance products and customer needs. We have developed systems taking into account design life, operational requirements, construction joints, floor to wall connections, surface design and installation details.

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Sikafloor provided the urgent solution when a popular city centre restaurant required a smart, durable surface installed in a matter of hours to ensure the business opened on time.

The Cat’s Pyjamas, an Indian street food eatery based in Leeds’ Eastgate district, required a fully-refurbished floor that was capable of withstanding heavy footfall and offered optimum safety for customers and staff alike. With only a 12-hour window in the fit out schedule to apply the new surface, the system had to be fast-curing without compromise to its quality.

To satisfy each vital requirement, Frescrete, a specialist resin flooring contractor based in Leeds, in conjunction with Sika, specified Sikafloor®-300, a low-emission, cementitious floor-levelling compound which takes just two hours to fully-cure and be capable of withstanding traffic.

Once the floor system had been decided upon, so began the challenge to ensure it was installed and fit for purpose within the client’s 12-hour timeframe. Work involved applying Sikafloor®-01, a high-performance dispersion primer to the existing slab, covering an area of 150m2.

Sikafloor®-300 Rapid Level was then installed to an average 10mm thickness. As well as its incredibly quick curing time, the system is free of residues which reduce adhesion of dust, dirt, oil, fat and loose particles to create a superbly-smooth, blemish-free surface.

Chris Maltby, Technical Director at Frescrete, said: “We opted to use the Sikafloor®-300 Rapid Level system having had success laying the product on a large hospital ward at the Weston Park Hospital in Sheffield, where we laid more than 1,000m2 in a single day.”

Following the Sikafloor®-300 Rapid Level layer, Sikafloor®-ProSeal®, a solvent-based, clear acrylic resin polymer solution, was applied to give the surface a tough, watertight seal whilst satisfying the client’s preference to retain the cementitious-looking finish.

The new floor was installed, as required, in a matter of hours – well within the strict deadline. With the surface laid, the client was able to introduce the necessary furniture and kitchen equipment and welcome customers to the rapidly-refurbished restaurant.

The fast-curing qualities of Sikafloor®-300 Rapid Level provided the Cat’s Pyjamas with a floor that will remain the cat’s whiskers in terms of look and performance for many years to come.


Thanks to Sika, a vehicle workshop involved in the repair and maintenance of some of the world’s most expensive cars has been supplied with a durable, high-gloss floor to protect the high-powered, high-specification machines it services.

The Ferrari Garage in Greater Manchester contains a hive of engineering expertise. For the refurbishment of the workshop’s 700m2 floor, it was vital the new system contained hard-wearing, non-slip properties, whilst offering a smooth, seamless finish to benefit mechanics and exquisite motors alike. Sikafloor®-263 SL, a two-part, multipurpose binder system, proved ideal.

In preparation for the built-up floor system’s installation, IRL Group Ltd – the project’s contractors – ground and shot-blasted the existing surface. Sikafloor® Level-30, a polymer-modified, pumpable, self-levelling, fast-drying cementitious screed was initially applied to the substrate in areas of anticipated heavy traffic which required higher thickness.

Sikafloor® 161 primer was then applied to the whole floor, and when cured, Sikafloor®-263 SL was installed to a thickness of 2mm. Based on epoxy resin, the system offers excellent chemical and mechanical resistance for heavy-wearing concrete and cement screeds in areas such as assembly halls, workshops, garages and loading ramps.

The floor’s high-gloss, light-grey finish was supplied by Sikafloor®-264, a two-part epoxy roller and seal coat with high-slip resistance: essential traction provision for rear wheel drive cars such as Ferraris which need to journey on and off ramps during maintenance. The Greater Manchester workshop has space for the service of up to five vehicles at any one time, hence the need for a smooth floor which didn’t compromise on tyre-grip.

Mark Ollerenshaw, Managing Director at IRL Group Ltd, said: “For a floor upgrade in an environment involving big-wheeled vehicles, the surface we provided had to have proven, durable qualities. Sikafloor was absolutely ideal. Its high-gloss finish complimented its hard-wearing, high-slip resistance, resulting in the perfect floor system for a project involving prestigious cars and an abundance of highly-technical equipment.”

The garage remained closed whilst the floor refurbishment was carried out. It meant contractors had a strict seven-day deadline to complete the project and ensure the business reopened on the agreed date. Sikafloor’s easy application and reliable performance ensured the timeframe was met, leaving the workshop with a safe, smart, durable floor fit for a Ferrari.


From homes to offices, schools to healthcare facilities, a new range of cementitious self levelling compounds and primers available from Sika, leaders in the development of innovative flooring systems, are designed to meet an almost unlimited combination of substrate requirements and create a perfectly flat finish each and every time.

No matter what the material is below or whatever the finish you require on top, the new portfolio of self levelling compounds and primers are easy to apply, quick drying and have very low shrinkage, ready for a huge range of floor coverings.

Sika’s Cementitious Level products including -100, -200, -300, -300 Rapid and -400 Level offerings are all one part, polymer modified, pumpable self levelling fast hardening cementitous compounds used for the levelling and smoothing of interior floors, primarily commercial, residential and domestic properties.

Sarah James, Marketing Manager, Flooring, at Sika, said: “Our new cementitious range is fast-drying, easy to apply and offers exceptional levelling properties, even for very thin layers. Used in conjunction with other products within Sika’s Flooring Range, it further enables Sika to provide an even more versatile total floor solution to meet the client’s requirements.”

Sika’s Cementitious Level products form part of the complete Sika Secure system, covered by one single guarantee. The Sika range utilises the best available technologies, including liquid applied soft resin flooring systems, SikaFloor epoxy and polyurethane systems, PU mortars of the PurCem range and the seamless Sika ComfortFloor for commercial and public building areas, all setting industry standards for quality and durability.

In providing a one-stop-shop, total flooring solution, Sika has not only ensured the efficient on site installation and creation of a quality floor finish, it has enabled easier specification, project management and works scheduling.

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