The Meister range is built around generations of knowledge, innovation and style to bring a truly unique range of products to the market. Meister’s founders are forward thinkers, who put vision into action and develop trends and innovative solutions that are considered unique and game changing for the industry. 

Whether your looking for a classic parquet, stylish laminate or unique design floor that meets the needs of tomorrow. We have a range of products that is guaranteed to fill your room full of life.

The Meister range consists of various Laminate, Real Wood and Innovative Flooring Solutions; 

Laminate Flooring 
- Meister LD75 Classic Laminate Flooring 
- Meister LB85 Classic Laminate Flooring 
- Meister LD95 Classic Laminate Flooring 

Engineered Wood Flooring 
- Meister PD200 Longlife Parquet (Classic) 
- Meister PD400 Cottage (Premium) 

Innovative Flooring 
- Meister DD75 Design Flooring 
- Meister DD300 Catega® Flex
- Meister HD300 Lindura
- Meister NB400/NQ500 Nadura 

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Blue Angel Acredidation
The Blue Angel Accredidation is a German certification for products and services that have environmentally friendly aspects.

It has been awarded since 1978 by the Jury Umweltzeichen, a group of 13 people from environment and consumer protection groups, industry, unions, trade, media and churches. Blue Angel is the oldest ecolabel in the world, and it covers some 10,000 products in some 80 product categories.

After the introduction of Germany’s Blue Angel in 1978 as the first worldwide environmental label, other European and non-European countries followed this example and introduced their own national and supra-regional environmental labels. The common goal of these labels is to inform consumers about environmentally friendly products thereby giving global support to product-related environmental protection.