InstaFloor is part of the well renowned, independent InstaGroup, which is registered to ISO14001 and was a pioneer in the industry of championing lower energy consumption, greater recycling and the development of more environmentally friendly products and processes. It has established a sound reputation for well-designed and thoroughly tested products, manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards, which are exported to numerous markets throughout the world.

Using its considerable experience in flooring and acoustics, InstaFloor developed the revolutionary InstaLay flooring installation system, manufactured using high quality recycled rubber crumb from worn vehicle tyres. Environmentally responsible, InstaLay is fully recyclable and a genuine ‘cradle-to-cradle’ product that reinforces the Group’s green credentials.

InstaLay represents a major advance in the way flooring is installed. It incorporates an innovative self-adhesive membrane, eliminating the need for messy wet adhesives while saving significant time and money by greatly speeding up the installation process. It reduces sub-floor preparation requirements, is normally loose laid for a quick, clean installation and is a fully guaranteed system.

Extremely versatile, InstaLay can be used with wood, laminates, LVTs, carpet tiles, carpets, ceramic and natural stone tiles in domestic, commercial, retail, education, healthcare and leisure facilities. It provides outstanding acoustic performance and excellent anti-fatigue properties for greater all round underfoot comfort. Furthermore, InstaLay has outstanding stability and durability and does not degrade over time.