ForceDry is the UK's leading independent screed floor testing and drying company. Any project using flowing screeds, underfloor heating or both, has the potential to deliver dry, fully commissioned floors, to the highest standards, in just 21 days using ForceDry. We deliver results, fast.


We Dry. We Commission. We Test.

ForceDry offer a specialist 3 component system for use on building projects and construction sites across the UK. Our four main services are;

Force Dry wet screed saving in excess of 40+ days compared to natural drying times. Works without the need for first or second fix plumbing and can achieve fully dry screed in as little as 21 days.

Commissioning and Conditioning all screed used in conjunction with UFH in order to meet British Standards BS8204-7 and to prepare screed to manufacturers exact specifications. Another quality assurance standard for your company portfolio.

Screed Testing, ForceDry are the UK’s leading screed testing company. We provide an accurate status report which can be used as evidence for quality control and give you the assurance to move forward with your project. We also provide a tailored plan to resolve any moisture issues.

Temporary Heat and Humidity Solutions, our 3 component systems can be used to create ambient conditions on site, even during winter months. Safeguard against adverse weather and damage caused by freezing and acclimatise expensive materials in situ.


Our equipment is also used to commission and condition dry screed ready for floor finish. We offer independent testing so you can see the current state of play of any screed. We help projects with problem screed get back on track. Fast.

We work with main contractors, sub-contractors and independent builders across the UK. Whether your project spans hundreds of apartments or just one room, we can help.




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Rent our Equipment

The four component parts that make up our extremely effective system can each by hired individually. Powerful dehumidifiers, industrial fans, portable electric boilers and space heaters are all available. Top specification equipment suitable for your construction site.

Rent a Boiler

Mounted on wheels they are easily transportable by a single person around a busy construction site or home renovation. They are the ultimate portable temporary heat source. For full details please see electric boiler rental.


Rent a Space Heater

Rent one of our portable, free-standing space heaters available for rental by the day or week. Perfect for smaller enclosed spaces as they do not produce fumes and do not consume oxygen like other more traditional space heaters on the market making them a much safer alternative. For full details please see heater rental.

space heater

Rent a Fan

Rent one of our portable, free-standing air moving fans. Paired with dehumidifiers they are essential to manage environment to dry screed naturally or through a force dry programme as well as any other wet trades available for rental by the day or week. For full details please see fan rental.


Rent a Dehumidifier

The most powerful portable dehumidifiers on the market​​. Draining into either a soil stack, drain point or a container, these high-spec dehumidifiers consistently manage and extract high volumes of moisture from the air. For full details please see dehumidifier rental.