Flowcrete is a world leader in the supply of specialist flooring for commercial and industrial buildings, with a dedicated team, inspired by excellence in people, products and service as well as continual innovation and sustainable growth.

For over 30 years Flowcrete UK has been at the forefront of resin flooring technology supplying innovative, fit-for-purpose solutions to transform floors into fully optimised assets that actively enhance a site’s aesthetics, safety, sustainability and cleanliness levels.                                             

With operations in 6 continents, Flowcrete’s aim is to transform environments with its innovative and quality resinous flooring formulations, including decorative epoxyultra-durable polyurethanefast curing methyl methacrylate (MMA) and vinyl ester systems. This versatile collection means that we’ve always got the right solution for any situation, regardless of scale, scope, size or sector. 

All of these flooring options can be combined into one single source responsibility package – a service we call the Floorzone Solution. This means that the entire floor build-up, for each area of a site, can be specified from one supplier, with one point of contact and under one warranty.

With an in-depth understanding of the resin flooring industry combined with a passion for creating efficient and engaging environments, Flowcrete is always using its global expertise to introduce environmentally friendly, hygienic and aesthetically attractive floors to create a better and more sustainable world at our feet.

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Polyurethane Floor Screeds – The Flowfresh antimicrobial polyurethane flooring range has been developed by Flowcrete UK to service environments looking to satisfy the highest possible hygiene standards… Offering the strength, durability and resilience that have long been associated with polyurethane resin, Flowfresh combines performance with the natural cleaning power of Polygiene® to deliver a surface product that continuously promotes the concept of hygienic, decontaminated and clean floors.

Owing to the inclusion of the Polygiene agent – a silver-ion basedantimicrobial treatment placed within the resinous flooring material – Flowcrete’s Flowfresh floor coating system is able to eliminate and destroy up to 99.9% of all bacteria, dirt and nasties landing on the surface of the floor.

Fast Cure MMA Resins – The Flowfast MMA acrylic floor coating range has been designed by Flowcrete UK to offer clients a decorative and durable floor finish that is fully serviceable under a quick turnaround… Using a methyl methacrylate (MMA) catalyst, the Flowfast material is able to speed up the floor’s rate of cure, making it an excellent choice forrefurbishment projects, shop fit-outs or even fast-paced new builddevelopments. MMA flooring has a unique chemical structure that allows for newly laid resin flooring systems to be fully serviceable in times as preferable as two hours.

Seamless Terrazzo – Flowcrete UK’s seamless terrazzo flooring range, Mondéco, provides the ultimate in luxury and durable flooring for upmarket shopping malls and commercial venues… The Mondéco range offers clients a wide variety of colourful anddecorative aggregates to choose from, which are incorporated into the resin mix and later diamond ground, to deliver a smooth terrazzo floor finish. Aggregates available include glass, mirror glass, marble, mother of pearl, granite and flint although special mixes and colours can be produced to special order on request to offer complete creative freedom.

Car Park Decking – Deckshield car park protection systems have been designed to meet contemporary requirements for upmarket car park environments, helping to enhance visual appearance, improve light reflectivity, reduce noise from tyre squeal and prevent water ingress into any car parking structure… In addition, Deckshield has a highly accredited fire rating and is available in a wide-range of attractive colours and finishes – with the option to create bright demarcation lines and signage, which help to regulate traffic movement and leave a welcoming impression on vehicle users.

Industrial Resins – Flowcrete UK offers a wide-range of industrial flooring solutions to suit the huge variety of service conditions required by the demanding industrial sector… Our flooring systems range from ultra-light weight epoxy floor and wall seal coatings through to super heavy-duty polyurethane flooring systemsfor the most arduous industrial environments.

Sub Floor Screeds – The award-winning Isocrete K-Screed range from Flowcrete UK is best known across the construction industry for its ability to deliver the ‘level best in floor screeds’ by combining high strength with rapid installation and excellent moisture control… Containing the innovative K-additive, a plasticising and accelerating admixture used to modify and enhance the performance of sand/cement based screeds; Isocrete K-Screed delivers a strong and level platform on which to install a host of floor finishes and coverings.

Underfloor Heating – Isowarm underfloor heating from Flowcrete UK provides invisible, controllable heat on demand when and where it is needed the most… Delivering economic, environmental and efficiency savings (up to 30% compared with conventional heating systems), Isowarm is a pioneering system geared up to the specialist needs of today’s modern construction environment. Isowarm comes complete with insulation, pipework and associated retaining mechanism as well as the screed system. On a hot day, Isowarm can be reversed to cool your environment, by circulating chilled water underneath the surface of the floor – absorbing heat from the ground upwards.

Decorative Epoxy Finishes – Flowcrete UK offers a variety of joint-free commercial floor coatings and toppings to create a colourful, vibrant anddecorative surface that will create a talking point in a wide-range of commercial venues and environments… Our commercial flooring range includes super-smooth resin floor toppings, speckled quartz floor finishes and sparkling flake flooring systems, all of which have been designed for the commercial sector.

Acoustic Insulation – Sound transfer around a building can be an aggravating problem in many commercial and large-scale residential buildings. Disruptive, unwanted noise in a new build residential development for example can be very detrimental to the quality of life for tenants. By including a layer of Isocrete Acoustic K foam within the floor, it is possible to reduce the passage of airborne sound. Many high-rise developments in particular have found this to be an effective way to create a quiet ambiance within multi-occupancy buildings. Isocrete Acoustic K foam exceeds the requirements of Approved Document E of the Building Regulation 2003, which governs resistance to the passage of sound. This regulation sets the level of airborne sound performance at min 45Db and impact sound performance at max 62Db.

FlowSport – FlowSport systems have been designed by Flowcrete UK to create a flexible indoor sports flooring to provide a resilient uniform seamless and durable surface. These solutions provide a robust, aesthetically pleasing sporting environment underfoot with longevity for multi-use gymnasium and indoor sports venues.

Corrosion Protection – Flowcrete UK’s range of corrosion protection products are ideally suited for environments prone to frequent and severe chemical attack. Our Flowchem VE range of seamless coatings and linings systems use shrink-free, modified vinyl ester resin to offer superior protection against highly concentrated acids, alkalis and solvents. Within the range various resin types are available to meet specific chemical and temperatureexposure requirements. The integrated fibreglass reinforcement provides added protection against thermal shock and thermal cycling. The Flowchem VE systems are ideally suited for primary and secondary containment areas, or any environments where severe chemical attack is a concern.