Trends are constantly changing, which is what we love about our work!

We’ve been keeping tabs on the very latest things happening in the world of interior design, and are delighted to share with you the newest trends. See how furniture, decorative objects, carpets and, above all, colour help create a harmonious whole in a home that has soul and

Four distinct styles
In collaboration with the style experts Gudy Herder and Helle Tjaberg we have identified four major style groups: Pure Nordic, Modern Rustic, Urban Contrast and Classic Elegance. These are all lasting styles with clear historical origins, and they will be relevant for many years to come.

Important choices
BOEN floors are found all over the world and in every type of home.

While quality is a natural constant, personal style fortunately varies.

Personality makes home a good place to be, for family and friends alike.

Choosing parquet flooring should be a pleasure, so use our catalogue as a source of inspiration. You can also use our guide to simplify your choice of flooring. Step by step, we will take you through the process that ends in you finding the floor that is perfect for you – and your style.

Be inspired, and find the harmony for your home.

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