Arturo Unique Flooring

Break with the confines of convention, Arturo Unique Flooring is your place to explore the new found creativity of resin-based flooring systems. For stand out projects that demand performance and beautiful aesthetics, Arturo provides extremely durable resin flooring and in a huge variety of RAL colours to give designers and specifiers the opportunity to create stunning floor designs. As intricate or as abstract as you like, fitting in line with branding or flowing from wall to floor, Arturo can be used across a wide variety of commercial or public locations including schools, healthcare, retail and industrial environments.

Arturo Design Resin

Arturo offers fabulous ways to inject colour and design into resin flooring projects, turning the practical to beautiful. With techniques such as flaming opening up new creative potential for resin flooring, the possibilities are limitless. Join us on an exclusive training course to learn these techniques and how to make a difference to your business.

CPD - Exploring the design possibilities of resin flooring.

Discover the benefits of resin flooring and explore the interior design potential. Look at best practice and how to reduce risk.
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