Kerakoll UK is the UK subsidiary of one of the biggest building chemicals manufacturers in the world, known for its commitment to research and development into improvements in the effects on the environment and human health of building products.  This means that the company’s products are all developed to be as eco-friendly as they can be without sacrificing performance.  Both the Italian parent company and the UK subsidiary have won awards for their environmental policies and products. The company in the UK stocks a comprehensive range of high performance flooring adhesives for wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet, ceramic and stone, as well as levelling, water proofing and other surface preparation products, and sealers, varnishes and wood finishing products.  Technical advice is offered both during the specification stage and after work starts, with frequent on-site visits undertaken on particularly problematic projects. We offer training at our centre in Bromsgrove and also in the form of one to one demonstrations on site and demonstration evenings held regionally, and training trips to Italy are also organised. Contact us for more information on our products or to arrange a demonstration.

We offer training at our dedicated training centre.  Please contact us for more details.
We have a dedicated technical service to provide help both prior to commencement and on-site.  We often get involved at the specification stage, helping the architect and contractor to identify the best products to specify for a particular project.  Please contact us at or on 01527 578000 if you have any questions or wish to avail yourself of this service.

We manufacture and supply ranges of flooring and tile adhesives, screeds and levelling compounds including our revolutionary new gel tile adhesives: Biogel No Limits and Biogel Extreme which bond any material to any substrate.

For our full catalogue see our site or contact us on 01527 578000 or