HARLEQUIN FLOORS; supplier of professional floors for dance, the performing arts, entertainment and display.

Recognised for over 35 years as world leaders in advanced technology flooring for dance and performing arts, Harlequin Floors is renowned for working closely with the dance community to produce specialist floors suitable for all types of dance and performance. With an established global reputation as leaders in flooring for dance, theatre and performing arts, Harlequin now manufactures and supplies a range of sprung and vinyl floors.

The comprehensive range includes portable, roll-out floors vinyl flooring, semi-permanent and permanent heavy-duty and cushioned vinyl flooring, as well as a choice of sprung dance floors which can be permanently installed in dance studios, theatres and educational establishments, or portable sprung floors which are ideal for temporary use or for touring dance companies.

Harlequin dance and performance floors are versatile and durable because they’re designed in close collaboration with the artistic, technical and medical world. Harlequin sprung floors offer assurance for better protection from injuries for dancers, providing them with a feeling of optimum safety.

With trust and innovation key, Harlequin continues to reinforce the Company’s slogan, “The world dances on Harlequin floors.”